Progress in the Apartment

Since I had completely forgotten to write any posts in over a month I thought I would kickstart my vow to start writing more with 2 blog posts in 1 day! This post is just an update on the progress we are making over in the apartment. My house is an old Victorian home and since it is so big it is actually divided into 2- we live on the main side and we also have a small 2 bedroom apartment. We had rented it out when we first moved here about 4 years ago but it was a disaster (that side of the house needs a lot of TLC) so we have left it empty for the past 3 years. It was an outta sight outta mind kind of thing. But in the last little while we have been working to fix up that side and attempt to rent it out again. First steps included ripping up all the dirty, old carpeting in the whole apartment ( a dirty job!) and then we primed every wall in the place. We will eventually get around to painting it….. ( we both HATE painting!) but for now everything is plain old white. Next we bought some laminate flooring & got that installed and already we can see quite the difference in the place! Here is the before:Image

The only cute thing in that picture is Rally! But here is the after…isn’t that floor gorgeous!


We had been watching the flyers for weeks looking for a sale on a laminate we both loved and as soon as we saw this grey-wood beauty we were sold! And for only $1.39/sq.ft. we loved the price too. One step closer to becoming landlords again!


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