The Heat is On!

Well, not literally….but the heat could be on if it were cold enough to warrant it. Why?? Because we finally got the pellet stove hooked up in the apartment! YAY! This is a big moment for la Casa Creighton as our biggest problem when we were renting out our apartment before was heat. More specifically, the cost to heat that apartment. I love, love, love my old home but I do not love trying to heat it. When we first moved in it only had oil heat and I have no idea how the previous owners were able to heat their home and still have enough money left to buy groceries…because let me tell you- we relied on oil heat for one winter only and that was it. Three years ago we installed a wood furnace on our side and it completely changed our lives (and bank account!). The main reason we had not been renting out the apartment was because we were concerned about their heating bill. The solution?? We bought a second hand pellet stove off Kijiji and had it installed in the apartment. Now we do not have the worry about the heating bill because the tenants can buy their own pellets and I could not be happier. Here is a look at the stove- isn’t she a beauty?


And here is another view just a little further back. Not only will it solve our heating dilemma but I also think it adds a little bit of charm to the living room. Although my opinion is biased, I think this little apartment is starting to look pretty cozy.

And the pellet stove is not the only change in the apartment this past week…we also have new carpet on the stairs & in the closets. We opted to carpet the stairs to save some money on installation as it would have been much costlier to do laminate there. I think the carpet we chose looks pretty good and the price to carpet the stairwell & all the closets came in under $800- a price we can live with!

It is so encouraging to see the place finally start to come together and know we’ll be able to rent it out again in the next few months. Left on the to do list:

– paint ( everything is primed but not painted

– remove the outdated wallpaper border in the entryway

– replace the outdated closet door in the entryway

– replace the kitchen sink

– replace the windows. ( They are all the original windows= not very energy efficient)

We would also like to replace the cushion flooring in the kitchen & entryway ( we are thinking tile) and paint the kitchen cabinets & update the hardware but  due to budget limits it looks like those are going to be phase 2 projects. I have not mentioned this yet but we are also struggling with infertility and are currently saving up to for an IVF cycle in roughly 1 year. That gives us 365 days to save $12,000! ( On top of trying to complete the house renos in the same time frame so that baby C has a perfect house to call home.)



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