La Cocina Creighton

Hi Guys! Sorry about the week-long absence- I have been working 12 hour days and then a friend and I are attempting todo the couch-to-5k program after work so my days have been extremely busy.

I have been wishing I had thought to start this blog years ago- when we started all the renovations on our old home. I regret not taking any “before” pictures from when we moved in because, trust me, although our home has some beautiful bones- it was definitely needing some decorating TLC. The last time the previous owners had done any major decor changes had definitely been in the 70’s or 80’s and I honestly think it could have won an award for world’s ugliest bathroom or kitchen contest. With the kitchen being so outdated and it being the room I most enjoy to spend my time in, it was a logical starting point for our renovations. My dear hubby did the majority of the work  himself (with A LOT of help & instruction from a dear friend who is also a contractor) but we did hire a company to build us new cabinets. What did I help with?? DEMO!! Honestly- the best stress reliever I have ever found is knocking down a wall with a hammer. If you ever have the opportunity to help demo a room- DO IT!!

I would like to share with you some pictures of our country kitchen as it is now- I am absolutely in LOVE with it and nothing makes this gal happier than spending my day cooking, baking, or even folding laundry in the heart of my home. I hope you like it as much as we do! (Keeping in mind that even 3 years later there are still unfinished projects in the kitchen. But it is the most complete renovation to date.)

We chose a blue-grey stain for our cabinets to make it stand out a little from all the white/brown/traditional cabinets that you see. We both loved this moody blue hue as soon as we saw it and think it goes with our “country kitchen” theme perfectly. My absolutely favorite upgrade was the wall oven, cooktop and over the range microwave/convection oven. I LOVE them!!I am also in the minority of people who do not like stainless steel appliances; I find them too cold/modern for my taste. I love my black appliances but d not  how hard it is to keep them clean & smudge free. If anyone has some tips on how to do this Please share!! I also highly recommend the deep drawers as opposed to cupboards. They make finding your pots & pans & casserole dishes much easier.

I have to give my hubby huge props. Even though he did not build or install the cabinets he was responsible for the whole kitchen layout/design and one of his best ideas was this stained glass corner cabinet. It is the masterpiece of Kindred Spirits Stained Glass in Hillsborough, NB and this picture does not do it justice. (Blogging has made me painfully aware of my lack of photography skills!). All the different parts of the pineapple are done in different textures of clear glass and it is the focal point of the kitchen. We chose a pineapple because it is a symbol of welcome to our kitchen- where we do the most of our entertaining.

This backsplash was my birthday present 2 years ago. I went off to the gym in the morning and came home to find Mr.Creighton putting this up to surprise me. Now is that the best birthday gift ever of what?? (PS: Ignore the dirty dishes…just keepin’ it real!)

For the finished touches in our country kitchen we scour all the antique shops & Kijiji looking for one of a kind pieces that call to us and these are a few of them. The island comes from Wheatons and defines country charm to us. If you have never been to Weatons you must check it out- they have gorgeous country themed home decor and make their own wood furniture. This island not only stores our small kitchen appliances and most importantly our wine- but I use is every single day for food prep and/or folding laundry. It has been a lifesaver. The hutch is also made by Wheatons but was a steal off Kijiji where Mr.Creighton found it listed for only $500! It houses all my crafting supplies, cookbooks, baking supplies and acts as a place to show off our pictures of our nieces & nephew. It is hard to see but the last picture is to show the old church pew (another Kijiji find!) that serves as extra seating around the kitchen table. My next kitchen purchase is going to be a new dining set- I envision a large farmhouse table here someday with lots of mini-Creightons surrounding it.

And here are a couple of the little details JD put into our kitchen design that have made our life easier. Built in spice rack= awesome. And those vintage spice bottles? Another kijiji find- and these ones were FREE! And the pull out garbage/recycling combo is a godsend- now all we have underneath the sink is our compost & cleaning supplies. Do you guys have any kitchen ideas that you love??


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