Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall is definitely here! The cooler weather makes outdoor exercise so much more enjoyable, the leaves are starting to change color and I have been drinking apple cider like it is going out of style! So in celebration of my favorite season I decided to pull out all my fall decor and get to decorating. First of all my kitchen table got a little makeover ( we scored this tablecloth for only $4.97 from Walmart!)

Before- Summery Blues and Neutrals

After- Fall has arrived! Now I only need to find some Fall cushion covers…or maybe DIY some?

Next I headed into our living room- where we spend the majority of our time at home ( whenever I’m not in the kitchen!) Our living room is massive and to me, a little awkward because it is so long. The previous owners had it divided into two and used one half of the room as a dining room and the other half as their living room. We just use the whole area as our living area but use half of it for tv watching/ lounging on the couch and the other half we have our desk & some comfy chairs set up by the bay window for reading. Our eventual plan for that end of the room is to put in a window seat in the bay window and some built-in shelving all around it. Unfortunately, there are a million other projects that have to be completed before that one. The reader in me cannot wait to have my own library & window seat.

In the living room I decorated my favorite spot in the room- the fireplace. It is non-functional (because we put in a wood furnace so the chimney is being used for that now.) but it makes the room oh-so-cozy.And I love to change up the decor on the mantel for each season. We put candles in the fireplace and when they are all lit up at night it looks magical. Unfortunately for this picture,  all you see is burnt down candles..please excuse the mess.

I promise- my fireplace does not look that dirty in real life. I guess I know what I’ll be cleaning today. Now here are some close-ups of the mantel decor and a few other Fall Touches.

That last picture also show off my newest purchase- the wrought iron planter I scored at Winners for only $9.99! I plan on planting some of my most commonly used herbs in there. Have I mentioned how much I love an end-of-season sale? That is pretty much how I do all my seasonal decor shopping- wait for it to go on sale at the end of the year and put it away for next year. And by that time I have always forgotten what I put away so it’s like Christmas when I pull out all my decorating boxes.

Thank for checking out my Fall decorating- I think I am going to go buy some pumpkins to put in the fireplace this afternoon.And drink some more apple cider.


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